Things I Hear as a TEFL Teacher

Here are a few of the funny things that I have heard in my time doing TEFL.


One of my (favourite) students said he’d kill me when I told them that I wasn’t going skiing with them.
He said, ‘Do you know why I don’t kill you?’
I said no,
‘Because you’re a good teacher.’
‘Thank you’
‘Also I don’t know where you live.’


We were writing a letter to the last conversation assistant who is also from England (either Manchester or Lancaster I don’t remember) and one of the questions that they asked him while talking about me was ‘She’s from England too, do you know her?’
England is big you guys.


And the funniest issue, pronunciation mistakes:


One of the teachers brought in a cake, and when I asked her why she had one, she said, ‘because it’s my doctor’s birthday!’
Little did I know, she meant daughter’s.


I was doing an exercise with my 4th graders about what they do everyday. ‘Sweep the floor’ was one of the options, only all of them pronounced it as ‘I shit the floor’. I had to struggle to keep a straight face.



These things make me laugh, and it’s good to make notes of little memories like that which you can look back on in the future with humour!



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