10 Places I Really Want to Visit

Here is a list of all the places I want to go, links to blog posts about these places when I go to them!

The ones with the stars next to them are ones that I have been to already, but want to revisit.


Interlaken (Switzerland) * – honestly this is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places I have ever been to, I just want to go back and explore all the walks and mountains! It’s a little pocket of heaven.

Screenshot 2018-03-17 10.55.03


Washington D.C (United States of America) * – DC was my first experience of America, and it was incredible!! I was blown away by it; all the history and the architecture, I just want go again!

Screenshot 2018-03-17 10.56.23


Athens (Greece) – another one for the history nerd in me, but this time for a much more ancient civilisation, this is a fascinating place for me in many ways, and I would love to go and soak up the culture.

Screenshot 2018-03-17 10.56.51


Rome (Italy) – pizza! Pasta!! History! Oh my!

Screenshot 2018-03-17 10.58.17


(Scotland) * – just stunning, I really miss this place for the walking, cycling, and all the writing inspiration that hits me like a ton of bricks when I’m here! Maybe also because we go to the best accommodation when we’re here, it’s 10/10!

Screenshot 2018-03-17 10.57.55


London (England) * – miss London! You never realise how much you love a thing (or a place) until you leave it for 9 months. But I can’t wait to be back and visiting London with everything that it has to offer.


Screenshot 2018-03-17 10.58.45


(Lithuania) – it’s so beautiful and I really want to just explore more of Eastern Europe and it’s history.

Screenshot 2018-03-17 11.00.18


(Canada) – I’ve wanted to go to Canada ever since I was little because my parents went before they had me and my sister and they hail that as the best holiday that they’ve ever taken. I want to see what Canada is about! I imagine it as Scotland but maybe a little better and a lot bigger?

Screenshot 2018-03-17 11.05.42


Oxford (London) * – it’s a beautiful place, and I can’t wait for my Oxford friends to show me around some of their favourite haunts, including the Tolkein/Lewis pub!!

Screenshot 2018-03-17 11.06.12


(Andorra) – it looks like a really pretty place, and if I get the chance when I finish my course, I’d love to travel around it a little bit and explore the tiny country!

Screenshot 2018-03-17 10.59.21



I hope you liked this little post. It would be cool to check in with this list in 5 years or so and see how much of this I have ticked off!




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