I made my 50th blog post earlier today which is pretty cool. Not too exciting, but seeing as though I didn’t think I’d keep up with this blog for more than a week and now I’m blogging everyday, I think it’s great!

The English teacher at one of the schools asked if I would contact my old primary school to set up some kind of letter/email writing exchange with our year 4 kids. I looked up the website for OLI for the first time in… ever… and I only recognised like three out of all of the teachers they have! It kind of made me sad!

I found a great easy recipe for vegan bolognaise which I can’t wait to try out when I’m back home!!

I lost 3000 words of my novel yesterday, and I actually was okay with it. I’m writing this novel because I love it and I love writing. More writing to do? Great with me!

Today for first lesson, I literally spent 15 minutes walking around the school trying to find somewhere to teach the kids. The English classroom was being used by the art teacher. The art classroom was being used by the English teacher. The library was being used by the headteacher. The entrance was taken by the year 4 teacher, and a couple of minutes into teaching in the laboratory, the 5th level teacher came in and expecting me to move! I finally ended up teaching outside, and thank god for the beautiful Catalan January sun and heat! Oh, the frustration.


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