Weekly Update #13: Back to School and Barcelona Again!

So this week school started again, which was a bit of a bummer because I love holidays so much!! But apart from a pretty crappy first day, it was a good week overall.

The best thing was going to Barcelona for the weekend though, because I had tickets for ‘West Side Story’ in L’auditori on Sunday morning.

I got to Barcelona on Saturday afternoon, and wondered around the city for a while, taking some photos with Aaron (mum’s delightful camera that she left for me over Christmas).

The Arc De Triomphe:


I went back to Macchina’s pasta bar, so delicious and great value for money:


It was a really super great show, the orchestra was amazing as it was for Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and it’s just nice being back in the theatre again.

Afterwards, I met up with a couple of people who are on my program and it was so nice to have tapas with them (5 euros and I was completely full, t’was amazing) and have a good English conversation. Definitely miss that! It’s so interesting to talk to different people who are teaching English because they all have different experiences with it and different qualms. It has motivated me to try and get a bit more travelling in when I have days off!!




Hope you’ve had a good week and are settling into 2018 well,



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