Self Publishing… Poetry?

I've been writing two poetry collections for the past year (ish) now, and I'm getting to they stage to start thinking about how I'm going to give them to the world. I initially thought I would keep it simple and make them into poetry chapbooks. But they are much too long for that even now,... Continue Reading →


Day in the Life 2: TEFL Gap Year in Spain (Monday)

You can see my previous typical day in the life (Tuesday) here, but I thought I would do another because my schedule is different - and much longer - on a Monday!   7:45 am Wake up, get dressed, head into the bathroom and put my contacts in and make up on, get dressed and... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog & My Blogging History

It's a good question really and one that's quite easy to answer for me - lots of things come to mind while it's still difficult to narrow it down to one. For me, the reasons that I blog are different depending on which blog I'm talking about. My first blog, Words of a Bluebird, was... Continue Reading →

Camp NaNoWriMo update 2: days 3-5

The past 4 days have been pretty slow in regards to Camp. My initial racing speed of poetry got disrupted by school… I really write better and get into a more productive flow when I have the whole day to work on the poetry and don’t have to worry about anything else, so on my... Continue Reading →

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